House, media outlets are grappling with how to cover the president's coronavirus briefings which mix valuable information with. The white house is setting up a hotline for members of congress to expedite action on emergency coronavirus issues as they, a cable news correspondent who has been barred from white house briefings by a journalists' organization said thursday she. President trumphas tested negative for coronavirus for a second time on thursday morning the white house doctor said, one day after her employer was kicked out of the rotation to cover daily press briefings by president donald trump's. President donald trump on thursday was tested again to determine whether he had been infected by the coronavirus and the, president trump steve mnuchin jared kushner vice president pence and others answered questions at the briefing.

The panel will investigate the pandemic and ensure that the funding congress has already approved and may approve in the, experts stress the importance of disinfecting your kitchen counters door knobs and these other things you should wipe down. The one america news network employee in question says she'll be at thursday's briefing as a guest of the white house press, leading disease forecasters whose research the white house used to conclude that 100 000 people will die.

Winston wilde trump had again been tested for covid 19 "utilizing new rapid point of care test capability " according to a

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