India, railway police personnel maintain safe distance as they wait to donate blood at a camp to tackle the blood shortage during a. The search is part of a nationwide manhunt for thousands of people linked to an outbreak of coronavirus at the headquarters, when they left in the first weeks of march they unknowingly carried the coronavirus with them gatherings last month at the. As part of its neighbourhood first policy six indian navy ships are on standby for assistance to neighbouring countries, india's government has pressured advertisers and even shut down channels to shape the information that 1 3 billion indians.

A union health ministry official said that 400 people who attended the tablighi jamaat markaz event in south delhi's, dozens of tourists from britain canada and australia are finding themselves stranded in the indian capital with their. India has 22 official languages but the real beauty isn't just in hearing them spoken it's in seeing them rendered in, maruti suzuki chairman r c bhargava told cnbc it wasn't clear when demand would return as india's lockdown is set to end on. The organisation flourished in what was then undivided india this did not change when the country was partitioned after, india's 21 day lockdown to fight the coronavirus has left hundreds of migrant workers stranded in mumbai with no money

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